Pauric Fay

trakjak LTD, Co Caven

ADDRESSING several safety concerns associated with the removal of rear tractor wheels, Irish engineer Pauric Fay has brought to market a device which uses a tractor’s rear linkage to safely jack itself up. The rear lift arms of a tractor are connected to the Trakjak frame, which runs under the rear of the tractor. Raising the lift arms pulls the frame against the pickup hitch and levers the tractor off the ground. With rear wheels removed, solid wheels enable the tractor to be slowly manoeuvred, with four-wheel drive engaged, from workshop to wash bay and vice-versa. Pauric has also developed an alternative version which can be used with ladder-type continental hitches and has created the Trakjak axle remover, which is a lifting device to be used in conjunction with a pallet truck, which simplifies the removal of rear axle trumpet housings.