Ben and Tori Stanley

PARk farm, Tori & Ben's farm, Derbyshire

IT is just six years ago since Ben and Tori Stanley secured their first 16-hectare (40-acre) tenancy at Diseworth, Derbyshire.

Ben says: “While looking for the next tenancy, we invested in cows and sheep, as I believe in investing in appreciating rather depreciating assets.”

The next tenancy came in the form of 162ha (400-acre) Park Farm, Melbourne, which allowed the couple to push the

business forward.

Longhorn cattle are at the heart of the venture, as Ben explains: “It is never going to be a numbers game for us, so our aim is to develop a brand and sell a premium product.”

Initially, this was through farmers’ markets, but the Stanleys have now taken on a small retail unit in Melbourne and sell about five carcases a week.

What the judges said? “Tory and Ben demonstrate collaborative working with fellow farmers and their landlord. They are prepared to maximise the value of their product and are improving their stock through genetics and technical performance.

On winning: 

Ben Stanley said: "It's absolutely wonderful to win, it's been a wonderful night. Sally Gunnell set things off with that wonderful talk about getting that extra bit out of everything you do and that's what we try to do. We always like to keep improving the business and moving forward."