Jonathan Boaz


AFTER experimenting with heating farmyard manure to kill weed seeds, Jonathan Boaz now produces large quantities of compost on-farm.

As a result, his soil organic matter levels now range from 5.5-9.5 per cent, which can be attributed partly to the inclusion of a four-year grass ley within his arable rotation and the use of green manures.

While he uses home-made woodchip, farmyard manure, green forage and straw to produce compost, he has also built his own compost tea brewer to produce a form of liquid compost which contains higher levels of beneficial fungi and micro-organisms.

Jonathan also works with the Environment Agency, capturing nutrients via meadows and sediment ponds.

What the judges said: By introducing innovative strategies to boost soil and crop health, Jonathan has increased the sustainability of his business and shared knowledge with the wider public. He has adopted an attractive approach to combining the best of organic and conventional principles together.”

On winning: Jonathan Boaz said: “I feel totally overwhelmed, it’s one of the highlights of my farming career.”

“The food has been excellent tonight and that is what the industry is all about.”

“The event has brought together the cream of agriculture and it’s a privilege to be a part of it.”

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