Laura Davidson

Newcastle university

DESPITE not coming from a farming background, Laura Davidson chose to study agriculture over veterinary science at university due to the possibility of making a significant impact on the sector.

A second year undergraduate student at Newcastle University, Laura has grasped every opportunity available to her, taking on various roles and responsibilities to enhance her own knowledge and funding her own training.

She also attended a range of events, such as the Norfolk Farming Conference, Fertile Minds, Cereals and Livestock Live.

She now intends to pursue her agricultural education through a farm business management honours route, allowing her to take additional modules in livestock and arable production systems, as well as including a financial overview of the obligations and limitations.

Laura has used her own initiative to gain employment on a variety of farms and agricultural businesses, gaining a broad range of experience and high praise from employers.

Not one to pass up an opportunity, Laura is currently working on one of the university’s farms and is an active member of the university agricultural society.

She will graduate in July next year and has a number of progression opportunities within the sector, including a potential PhD qualification, investigating aspects of animal welfare to improve production efficiency while increasing quality standards.

David Watson, a Newcastle University tutor who nominated Laura for this award, says ‘it is often said if you want something doing you should ask a busy person – Laura is that person’.